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Fix These Problems Or Have Us Come Check Them Out For You


Are you an electric gate owner in Claremont? Are you having issues with your electric gate that are giving you sleepless nights thinking of how you will spend some extra bucks contracting some gate service Claremont experts to come and have it checked out?
The truth is that even though automatic gates do malfunction from time to time, it is not in all cases that you start looking everywhere in search of gate repair Claremont professionals to be the messiah.


There are problems that you can handle on your own even without anybody’s assistance. But if you’ve decided not to roll up your sleeves then we will always be there for you as you can call us to come fix such problem for you.


Discover some of the problems that could be preventing your electric gate from functioning smoothly and how to have them fixed in no time.


Insects and vermin could be a hindrance?Gate service Claremont


Whenever your gates refuses to open don’t just think of picking up the phone to invite us for your gate service Claremont just yet. Make sure that you have checked the gate sensor properly and that there is nothing like insects hiding in it.


Your electric gate sensors are there to make sure the gate closes automatically whenever somebody, animal or thing is not standing in between it. It does this through a camera it uses to view.


Once this camera is blocked in any way; your gate will not close. Insect and vermin like hiding in it a lot because they usually find it to be warm all the time. Check it out and have it thoroughly cleaned.


Having an ineffective remote control?


Remote control makes life easy but can be very annoying when it isn’t working. What did you do the last time you noticed that your remote control isn’t working? Before you give us a call for some gate service Claremont to come and take a look at it; try these simple tricks.


The first one is to make sure you are within the range of the gate to make it work well. Check your user manual while the second one is that it is possible your battery is dead and needs to be changed.


There is a red light in most remote controls indicating that the batteries are still very much alive. Check yours whether it is displaying.


If these two options refuse to work then you might try engaging a gate repair Claremont professional like us to come and have it examined and fixed.


When the gate refuses to close


This can be very frustrating most especially when you have somewhere very important to rush to. If your gate is the sliding type then once there is stick or stone on the way, it may not want to close. Try removing them.


However, if you’ve removed all these and yet there are no improvements then you have to give us a call or send us an email as we have the best of experts as far as gate repair Claremont is concerned. A trial will convince you that we are the real deal.

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